Get Help With Your Insurance Claim

Dealing with your storm damaged property is stressful enough. The last thing that you need is to try to understand the complex insurance process on your own. Remember that the insurance adjuster you are meeting with is there to represent the insurance companies interests, not yours. If you don’t understand everything about how to document and present the loss, you might not be getting the restoration you are entitled to.

When you work with Weather-Tite Exteriors, we’ll help you navigate the insurance process. We will meet with your insurance adjuster to inspect your property together, determine the necessary scope of repairs, prepare and present any necessary estimates, and bids, along with the supporting documents and photos needed for the approval of your claim. Weather-Tite Exteriors will do everything in it’s power to make sure that you get the restoration you deserve. We will make sure that you are not left alone to deal with the insurer during this stressful time.

Whether you choose Weather-Tite Exteriors or another restoration specialist DO NOT meet with the adjuster without your contractor of choice present, and DO NOT let the insurer bring their “recommended contractor” to your property.